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Solutions & Services

Jupiter Network Solutions & Services

JUPITER NETWORK full-service offering is complemented by a large portfolio of solutions, products, services and support. This portfolio represents our industry expertise and a constant commitment to adding value to our clients' business.

JUPITER NETWORK comprehensive portfolio demonstrates our know-how in consulting, implementing, maintaining, hosting and evolving leading solutions. We have a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements. We are partner with global leading companies as following.


Whether it’s on premise, on the cloud or mobile, we offer technology products, services and solutions our customers can take for granted. From creating a whole new way to work through our Unified Communications; offering peace of mind through Information Security or making a network go the extra mile with our Advanced Networking Solutions, our offerings are backed by service excellence and leading edge products, both of which come standard.

Unified Communications


In a globalized world, your customers, employees, vendors and partners are everywhere – and so can opportunities and challenges. Welcome to JUPITER NETWORK’s unified communications suite – a new wave of communications technologies that unifies collaboration, enhances productivity, eliminates travel cost, and saves time and not to mention reduces CO2 emissions.

Unified Communications brings people, information, teams and businesses together to work as one. It unifies a myriad of devices and technologies such as instant messaging, presence information, IP telephony, video conferencing, collaborative data sharing, call control and speech recognition with traditional communication services such as voicemail, phone and fax – all into one seamless, real-time, high-quality interface, the way it should be.

Whether it’s bringing together a virtual classroom or a conference room, an office room or an oil rig, a hospital room or a hotel room – the applications and the benefits are endless. Meet, debate, consult, decide, plan, instruct, agree, sell, create and collaborate.

Simply put, our solutions enable your organization to share information with anyone, anytime, and from anywhere. By using state of the art technology and open standards, we automate and unify human and device communications in a common context and experience, that’s secure, high quality and so simple, that everyone’s literally a click away. It’s as good as being there.

Our Unified Communications solutions include:

  • Video conferencing
  • Telepresence
  • IP Telephony
  • Video Recording and Streaming
  • Presentation Tools
  • Conference room projectors
  • Conference room environments


  • Increase productivity, operational efficiency and response time
  • Manage emergencies & critical decision making more effectively
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication between distributed teams
  • Slash travel costs between branch offices
  • Enable real time communication with those who matter
  • Communicate from the desktop, on the road, and on-demand

Information Security


Information is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is critical to your business and gives you competitive advantage. On the other hand, managing it efficiently, sharing it with those who matter, filtering it, ensuring it is compliant and protected is a real-time challenge. With employees bringing their own devices, customers accessing it 24/7, the threats can come from anywhere and anytime. It’s never a done deal with security.

As your organization grows, so does your data and the challenges that come with it. Therefore, it is essential to have a holistic view of your infrastructure managed by solutions that give you peace of mind.

JUPITER NETWORK’s Information Security technologies provide just that. From clear visibility and complete control of your organization’s needs we ensure information and data are safe and avoid unnecessary data loss from compromised or unsecure networks, enabling you to focus on your business. Our Information Security solutions mitigate emerging threats from both internal and external sources, which disrupt businesses and ensure the security of sensitive information while providing secure and timely access to those that need it.

In short, our IS solutions help you become proactive and not reactive.

Our Information Security solutions include:

  • Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Vulnerability Management
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Enterprise AAA & Network Access Control
  • E-Biometrics
  • UC Security

Advanced Networking

Your network sits at the heart of your business. It brings everyone and everything together and information flows through it. Organizations are increasingly relying on their network to be available anywhere, anytime - be it on a LAN, WAN or mobile. Making it efficient, adaptive, secure and responsive is important.

However, this isn't always the case in a real world scenario.
JUPITER NETWORKS’s advanced networking solutions aim to address that. Ensuring a network runs at optimal capacity - the way its intended - is our agenda. Our expertise spans from core networking to taking it to the next level and ensuring customers have complete visibility and control over their network. From basic infrastructure needs to securing, balancing, optimizing, providing application visibility, improving application performance and enhancing network management, we help make your network infrastructure work as one.

Clearly, this translates to higher customer satisfaction, better productivity, and fewer work disruptions due to network failures or overloads, not to mention maximizing the value of your investment. Simply put, JUPITER NETWORK helps customers take their network for granted.

Our Advanced Networking Solutions include:

  • WAN & Internet Optimization
  • Internet, Network & Application Visibility
  • Link & Load Balancing
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) & Packet-Optical Solutions
  • NFV Orchestration
  • Datacenter solutions
  • Network Infrastructure & Cabling
  • Network Management


In a landscape where technology is fast getting commoditized, our value-driven services and customer focus has differentiated JUPITER NETWORK and given our customers the competitive advantage. JUPITER NETWORK offers a range of Pre-sales, Post-sales, Professional Services & Training that are dependable, practical and results driven. This full service portfolio ensures we don't just ‘ship boxes’ but define a secure path to our partners and customers - from initial customer challenge to implementation and well beyond. Talk to us today and see how our services can help you make an informed decision.

Professional Services

In a fast changing technology landscape filled with complexity, hype, choices, budgetary constraints and competitive pressures, it is vital for us to ensure that we provide our customers & partners with clarity, insights and help steer them in the right direction. JUPITER NETWORK’s Professional Services arm helps make those informed decisions by taking an approach that is neutral, vendor independent, unbiased with results in mind and not relations or rewards. Our unique spectrum of consulting services, backed by real world experience and domain expertise helps create value and architect change.


We solve enterprise-scale communication; performance, security, infrastructure & networking challenges by mitigating unnecessary risk, utilizing best practices and reducing the potential of re-work activities thereby saving time, money and business disruption.

Jupiter Network specializes in international Hospitality Technology Consulting working with a variety of 4 & 5* Hotels, Resorts and Mixed-Use Development projects. Specializing in Extra Low Voltage (ELV) services as Consulting Services; providing Communications Infrastructure Cabling, Network Design & Integration, Guest Room Management System Design, Audio Visual System Design and Security System Design, striving to create the best solutions for our Clients in the Hospitality market as a vendor neutral consultancy focusing on the following areas:

  • Communications Cabling System Design - Fibre Optic, Coaxial and Twisted pair Copper (Category 5e, 6, 6A & 7)
  • Communications Systems - Wired and Wireless Active Networks, IP Telephone Systems and IP Television Systems
  • Guest Room Management System Design - Temperature Control, Lighting Control and other In-Room Controls
  • Audio Visual System Design - Background Music, Digital Signage & Audio-Visual Systems
  • Security System Design - Access Control, CCTV and Perimeter Security Systems

Our Design Team of Hospitality Technology Consultants work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, MEP Consultants and Hotel Owners and Operators to fully address the ELV technical requirements of the Project. These Project requirements include Audio Visual Systems for Hotel Rooms, Suites and Apartments, Wired and Wireless Network Systems for Staff and Guest needs and Security Systems for the CCTV and Access Control within the Hotel. All of which require a Structured Cabling System in order to support them.

Hospitality technology consulting services

Overview of Services

Jupiter Network provides an experienced full scope consultancy service for Hospitality Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Systems.

ELV Systems consists of several major components:

  • The passive Communications Cabling Infrastructure which is the ELV cable plant. This supports all of the services and applications that comprise of the ELV Systems.
  • The Active Wired and Wireless Network which is supported on the passive ELV Systems and Communications Cabling Infrastructure which then supports the individual ELV applications.

These ELV applications comprise of:

  • IP Television and Video on Demand
  • IP Telephony
  • Other IP Device Systems
  • Guest Room Management Systems
  • Audio Visual Systems - Background Music, Audio Visual Control Systems and Digital Signage
  • Security Systems - CCTV and Access Control

Within the Hospitality industry many Hotel Developers and Operator’s current thinking is that in order to achieve the most effective ELV System solution; it is preferable that all services are provided by a single consultancy source.

Jupiter Network have experience in all of these areas of ELV and have demonstrated their ability to provide quality consultancy services in the individual specialist fields.

If you require any further information regarding your own project then please contact us.


We conduct independent audits and forensic analysis that span across network performance, security, compliance and identify potential red flags, issues, threats, which help customers adopt a proactive approach. This includes but is not limited to extensive IT health audits, network analysis, penetration testing and onsite reviews.

Vertical Accelerators

Thanks to our domain expertise spanning across oil & gas, healthcare, education, telecom, government, manufacturing and hospitality from over 350 enterprise implementations, collective wisdom of over 150 channel partners in 45 countries and a dozen blue-chip IT vendors, JUPITER NETWORK’s Professional services has vertical accelerators. These are essentially knowledge frameworks, methodologies, techniques and processes that help clients get up to speed, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively based on best practices without having to reinvent the wheel.

Managed Video as a Service

JUPITER NETWORK offers Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) – a unique opex based model that offers high quality video on demand, available on the go, scalable on the fly with HD voice & video capability. Its customizable and white labelled features help customers increase their average revenue per user, retain and attract additional customers. Its compelling pay-as-you-go model eliminates large capital outlays, time in building expensive infrastructure that may take years to recover. Customers can now roll out innovative services quickly, adapt based on demand – all without worrying about managing it.

JUPITER NETWORK understands customer’s needs are varied – hence our penetration and vulnerability testing includes one-time, periodic, monthly or annual incident based service plans with priority services to find vulnerabilities and monitoring event logs not just for intrusions, but also for change management

Pre-Sales Services

We understand that value creation starts well before a customer signs a contract. Our ability to provide outstanding pre-sales expertise that helps our partners deliver business value demonstrations and convert leads to deals has defined our success. By working as a go-to technical resource and as a trusted advisor, we walk with our partners all the way from initial enquiry to long term engagement.

Needs Assessment

We work closely with our partners in doing a project feasibility study, defining the technical requirements, talking to them, understanding what they need as opposed to what we can sell. We then work on assessment engagements to analyze client environments, develop appropriate strategies and recommendations for transformational IT and review the technical requirements of the bid to develop a solution that is competitive.

Solution Design

We translate business requirements into realizable IT solutions. Post feasibility study, we prepare a ‘solution vision’, before any implementation project is costed and resourced. Working closely with our partners, systems integrators, consultants and solution architects, we create the best possible solution to meet the customer's requirements. This include outlining business processes, organizational impact, technical capabilities, solution components and creating a statement of work with associated costs and the high level steps required for deployment.

Proof of Concept

To help customers understand and experience the value of our solutions, we offer a ‘try and buy’ option for select solutions, in the form of a Proof of Concept at customer premises. This option offers a no-risk implementation of a complete solution for a brief period of time allowing customers to test before they purchase confidently.


As the region’s first and only VAD with Executive Briefing Centers (EBCs), we go way beyond what any presentation, brochure, demo or concept pitch can offer. Our EBCs in Dubai and Riyadh offer a firsthand look at JUPITER NETWORK’s products & solutions at work in a real-world scenario that is closest to a customer’s own environment. These state of the art EBCs also serve as labs for benchmarking & simulations for technical staff.

Manned by our Technology Solution experts with domain expertise, the facilities are available exclusively to JUPITER NETWORK partners at no charge. This gives them a competitive edge to host their customers in an environment that is engaging, immersive, and interactive.

Post-Sales Services

Customer acquisition in any competitive market is a challenge. Retaining them, delivering on promise, exceeding their expectations and creating a referenceable customer is even more critical. JUPITER NETWORK understands what it takes to deliver outstanding Post Sales service to our partners – that ensure customer satisfaction, delivers maximum value and build a long-term relationship.

Site Survey

A JUPITER NETWORK solutions expert and the Partner work at the client location to perform a thorough site assessment if needed. This allows us to identify any areas of concern, propose appropriate mitigation techniques and better prepare for implementation. We create a report suggesting amendments to the baseline configuration for future system assessments and compliance audits

Project Management

We leverage our project management expertise honed from thousands of complex, varied and challenging deployments. This helps us accelerate new projects, eliminate project risks, reduce bottlenecks. As a part of our partner engagement, we help manage project development from beginning to end & liaise with project stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

On-Site Deployment

JUPITER NETWORK experts assist partners with the deployment of purchased solutions. This includes onsite installation, on-site validation of all updates and changes associated with the solutions.

On-Site Training

Post deployment, JUPITER NETWORK offers an array of structured training & vendor authorized certification programs – onsite, offsite, remotely, on-demand, at our regional training facilities. These hands on & comprehensive training services are highly customized and ensures availability of qualified site personnel and ensures seamless knowledge transfer.

Onsite Support & Maintenance

We back all our wares and provide with airtight service level agreements. To ensure we are in sync with our customers, JUPITER NETWORK provides tiered support options based on the partner’s needs and level, onsite, offsite or remotely via help desks with local support in the same time zone. This provides an additional layer to complement vendors’ remote support

Level 1 & 2 Support

We provide support for basic customer issues by analyzing the symptoms and figuring out the underlying problem. Our Consultants have extensive dual-knowledge of products both from a technical and business perspective. Our Level 2 support team offers more in-depth technical support, experienced and knowledge on a particular product or specialized service – this includes administrative level support, advanced technical troubleshooting and analysis methods.